Podcast Production

Bespoke production for corporate podcasts and audio communications

Podcasting for business is becoming, well…big business!

It’s no longer the domain of social interest commentators and bedroom-podcasters shouting their opinions at the wall. It has become an exciting and innovative education and communication tool. Audio communication is where your brand can truly make itself heard. But to ensure that you continue to be heard, you must produce a top quality and engaging podcast that your target audience wants to return to again and again. No more DIY utterances recorded on a mobile phone, your brand deserves the best.  We transform your business communications strategy with exciting quality podcasts and audio programmes.

We are here to guide you through every step to produce your podcast. You are passionate about your brand and we match that passion to ensure your podcast is produced to the highest standard.  Our clients include the movers and shakers of the tech and business world who already have compelling content, and use our bespoke range of services to produce their professional audio communications.

We will take care of every stage of production (planning, recording, editing, and mixing your audio) to create your finished project. And our composer will add those unique finishing touches, to make your project really pop. Our producer can even train and support your own team to have the confidence and skills to go it alone. Need a host for your podcast? No problem, we can supply the voiceover too.

All clients receive a uniquely bespoke and individual service to best suit your needs. So whether you want to produce an ongoing series of industry information podcasts, panel discussions, reporting from your trade shows, audio newsletters, or you simply want to transform your internal communications, TAP has it covered.

Current clients include Xero UK.

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