5 ways podcasts will enhance your internal communications strategy

Podcasting for business is becoming, well, big business!

It’s no longer the domain of social interest commentators and bedroom-podcasters shouting their opinions at the wall. It has become an exciting and innovative education and communication tool. Audio communication is where your brand can truly make itself heard. But to ensure that you continue to be heard, you must produce a top quality and engaging podcast that your target audience wants to return to again and again. No more DIY utterances recorded on a mobile phone. Your brand deserves the best, not only externally but internally too.

Podcasts and audio communications programmes are a unique internal engagement tool for your organisation. They promote brand voice, change, mutual growth, innovation, employee engagement, cultural alignment and targeted learning experiences, enhancing your learning and development initiatives.

But podcasts for internal communications shouldn’t be to exclusively communicate brand message, although naturally that is a big part of it. Podcasts for internal communications are also an opportunity to showcase your people’s talent, be that in their role or their passions external to the workplace. Social interest podcasts can be a springboard for the creation of new social groups or collaborations within your business. If used correctly they can become a major part of your organisation’s people experience.

So why are podcasts so special? Here are my 5 reasons why.

1. It’s all about the storytelling

This is simple really, people love storytelling. Audio is the perfect way to inspire. Tell your brand story. Spark creative thinking in that magical way that only hearing a great story can. Employees can have their voices heard on a personal and more meaningful level. Leaders get to engage with their teams in a powerful way that is not possible through formal written communications channels. Even the most gifted writer will struggle to convey excitement, humour and nuance in the same way audio can.

2. Collective discussion

Podcasts can take many forms, but conversation led episodes can open up a topic for collective discussion. It is much more fun to have a chat about something you just heard. Good topics will spark debate that may lead to entire series of their own.

3. Convenient to consume

Podcasts for internal communications are fun but efficient, they can be listened to while sitting at your desk and working. Employees don’t need to drop or pull focus to watch a video presentation anymore. They can be accessed through many platforms so employees can even listen to the podcasts on their commute to work, in the gym, walking the dog. Engagement with your people shouldn’t always take place in the office.

4. Build team communications skills

Those who participate will benefit from boosted confidence in speaking out and debating, which translates to great communication and positive interactions with your customers and clients. 

5. Team cohesion

Not all staff are on the front-line. So remind them that they are all working towards the collective goal with relevant fun and engaging customer journey stories.

Your internal podcasts should feature your own real people. Make them star of the week and your roving reporters. Make them shine and your internal communications will too.